Independence Day

When I was younger, I always thought of Independence Day to be just fireworks, beer, and out of control parties. As I got older, I realized that it’s more than that. Being the daughter of a retired navy chief and always being around veterans, I grew to understand what Independence Day is truly about.

Independence Day is about fallen soldiers who gave up their lives to protect ours. It’s about honoring the families who have suffered because their loved ones went out into the unknown for our freedom. Knowing that there’s a chance they won’t see what they have done for us. Not only is it about that, but to me, it’s also about family and friends. The word ‘independence’ means standing alone. Yet, through all the hardships I’ve encountered, not once did they leave me for myself.

Independence Day has a lot of meanings. People think of it in many ways. But to me, it means something special. It means the love and freedom that’s all around. It means celebrating the people who gave up their lives to protect people they don’t even know exist. To really appreciate, embrace, and to be thankful for the country we live in. It means to realize that though at times it may be hard, we have it easier than most. To be thankful that we live in a nation that’s more united than most. To appreciate that we live in a place where kids have an education and future.

Lastly, to me, Independence Day is about our founding fathers. Without them, America and everything that goes with it wouldn’t be known. Because of them, the Declaration of Independence, the wars, and the hardships they went through, we have everything today. Between the freedom, the country’s safety, the united nation. Because seven men, 7 founding fathers dedicated their life to help out a country that was just starting, we’re able to call this land America.

In all, Independence Day isn’t about the normal stuff people do. It’s about honoring those who have fallen, embracing the country we’re in, being thankful for those who surround us, praise the Founding Father’s who helped us, and praising the life we’re able to live. That’s what Independence Day is about.

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