December 2019 Social Media Guide

In December most people are still in full swing of shopping and the start of December is very important to online retailers. You NEED a Cyber Monday deal and run it for a few days even. Make the most out of this that you can.

2nd is Cyber Monday – This is the largest online shopping day of the year and you need to capitalize on it. You should be planning all kinds of extras for this day. We highly recommend contests, social media posts every hour or two showing a new deal, lots of scarcity all over the site so if you run out of items they are gone. Think big then make it bigger.

4th is National Cookie Day – Who doesn’t love cookies? On this day we always like to donate some cookies to First Responders, that is just our thing. Find a cause and do something good for them. Cookies make everyone happy, so make someone happy. Or eat one yourself and make you happy.

7th is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day – This is a day to remember those who were lost fighting for our freedoms. Make sure you take a minute to create a great post remembering these brave men and women that didn’t make it home.

10th is Human Rights Day – We have so many wonderful things to be thankful for, but the rest of the world is still broken. Even in our country kids kidnapped and sold, which is a huge violation of human rights. Find a great cause and support it, share it, and help spread the word.

13th is National Cocoa Day – Figure you can make something happen with this one. Hot Cocoa is a great treat but I hope you can figure out how to jazz this up a bit and get a great post out of it. Remember adding a great veteran-owned bourbon to your hot cocoa is a special treat.

17th is National Maple Syrup Day – Now if this isn’t a great day to celebrate I don’t know what is. Get creative, have fun and enjoy some good old pure maple syrup.

21st is The First Day of Winter – Accept it, complain about it, share it, just know winter is here and if you live in a place with snow it is about to get cold.

23rd is Christmas Eve – Say something great and spread the cheer.

24th is Christmas – Keep it simple and make it look good.

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