January 2020 Social Media Guide

1st is New Year’s Day – this is pretty boring but it is something that you might get a good post about. But if you read the next one you will learn another day that is much more interesting

1st is National Hangover Day – now this is a day that you should celebrate.. Or recover from.. Either way. This is the day to post about.

2nd is National Cream Puff Day – Well if you like eating cream puffs then this is your day. I mean who doesn’t like cream puffs.. Well your training most likely doesn’t like you eating them.

2nd is National Personal Trainer Day – Well if you eat lots of cream puffs you might need a personal trainer. Or if you have one you should thank them for keeping you in shape.

3rd is National Drinking Straw Day – Unless you’re in California then you can celebrate this day. If you are in California then celebrating this day might be a bit hard.

9th is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day – This is a great day. We have lots of friends that are in law enforcement. This is a great day to market specials to these brave men and women. Get creative, have fun, and make it work.

11th is Human Trafficking Awareness – This is one of the worst crimes in our world today. In the United States, child trafficking is a major issue. Help bring this crime to light. If you want to learn more about it checkout Vets4Child Rescue.

16th is Religious Freedom Day – Most people take this freedom for granted, but we shouldn’t. This is a great day to make sure you support the Constitution of our great country.

19th is National Popcorn Day – This is one of the best days in January, well it is if you love popcorn as much as I do.

20th is Martian Luther King Jr. Day – He earned it. Take a minute to remember him.

23rd is National Pie Day – Who doesn’t love pie? We all do around here. You can even make beautiful patriotic pies. We always make old school traditional pies around here to teach our kids about the history of pie.

31st is National Hot Chocolate Day – One of us here on the Tier One team hates chocolate, but the rest of us love it. This is a great day to have some fun, show off some chocolate and maybe promote a veteran chocolate company. We love Lift Chocolate, maybe you will also.

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