Growing Instagram Followers and Engagement Part 2: 10 Proven Tactics to Get You There

Instagram was formerly known as a fun app for kids but is now a fantastic tool for content marketing, selling, networking, and audience and brand building. With over 200 million monthly users sharing 60 million images and 1.6 billion likes per day, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. With other social network’s engagement rates at less than 0.1%, Instagram passes them all up. Usually, Instagram’s engagement rate for brands is about 58 times higher than Facebook’s engagement rate. Last week you read about five tactics to help grow your Instagram following and engagement. Keep reading to find out five more tactics for growing Instagram followers.


Tactic #6 – Run Social Media Contests


A fantastic way for growing Instagram followers is to run a contest effectively. A contest can bring awareness to a business once the contest gets shared, and that is an awareness that may not come from anywhere else. Once a business’s family, friends, and social circles share the contest, it widens their reach significantly. 


When considering the benefits of social media contests, building a business’s community is a huge selling point. This benefit is crucial, considering how much time a company can spend trying to grow their community in their local neighborhood.


You can tell how well a contest worked by how strong of a following that comes with it. If the purpose of your contest is to encourage people to share it and build brand awareness, then this is especially good news.


This kind of activity is also free advertising, especially when the contest gets shared with all of the friends of your family, friends, and other extended networks. In addition to this being free advertising, it is also the approval of your brand into a community. Other individuals may like and follow your page solely because they like the idea of winning the prize.


Tactic #7 – Social Media Engagement


Social media engagement is not summed up by the number of “likes” you have on Facebook or the amount of Instagram followers that you have. Regardless, do not underestimate their importance when it comes to how a prospective client views your company after looking at those two factors. When you have a large fan base, an individual visiting your business page will see that as the same kind of social proof as a celebrity endorsement or a positive testimonial from a satisfied customer. When looking at your page, people will assume that if all of your other clients are happy, they can be satisfied, too, increasing the odds that they will purchase your product or service.


Your business’s fans and customers can engage with you from anywhere in the world because of social media. Even though in the past, companies that could operate worldwide were limited to an international consumer base, social media gives any size of business the capability to reach customers wherever they find them. When using the proper tools, your social media platforms can make it possible to turn views into appointments and visits to your business, and with time, turn into sales.


Tactic #8 – Posting at the Appropriate Time for your Business


When Instagram’s algorithm figures out which posts you see in your feed, recency of the post is their primary consideration. The posts that you see are not 100% chronological, but Instagram tries to make sure you have a steady stream of fresh content that you are likely to engage with.


No matter how many times you refresh your feed, the newer posts are more likely to show up first. For that reason, you need to make sure that your posts are recent at the time your followers are probably going to be online.


Tactic #9 – Consistently Posting


For you to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, you must produce high-quality, consistent content. People will see you as a credible source depending on the regularity of your content. In other words, the more consistency, the more credibility, and the longer you produce content, the more you are legitimized as a trusted business.


More companies are using social media platforms as a means to communicate with their client base. They can easily share blogs, videos, webinars, and other content to their network of followers. The most successful companies sharing this content are sharing it with consistency. 


With engaging content, the audience will always want to come back for more. The audience may even add their user-generated content if it was especially intriguing to them. On the other side of this situation, if the business does not produce regular, high-quality content, they are going to slowly lose their audience.


Tactic #10 – Using Quality Hashtags


Hashtags work. Hashtags go beyond your followers. They help you increase the visibility of your social media site by making your content viewable by anyone interested in your hashtag. Hashtags help build yours or your business’s brand with customer engagement and joining the discussion of what is trending. If you find some of the more relevant trending topics and participate in high-traffic conversations, you can give your company or brand higher visibility. Higher visibility can lead to a broader audience, which can lead to fresh leads for your business.


Hashtag usage on Instagram can be helpful to engage with more than your followers. Hashtags can give audiences an organic way to find branded content on the topics and forums that interest them. An excellent way to build your brand is engaging with a community, and Instagram hashtags help this engagement by directing towards a specific community or topic of interest. Hashtags help other Instagram users to find your profile and ultimately improve the likelihood of getting more followers. 


In this post, we discussed various effective ways to use Instagram and for growing Instagram followers. This process isn’t always a numbers game, though. The most successful tactic in any social media network is being social and authentic. 


If you focus on engagement as well as growing Instagram followers, Instagram can be a terrific home for your brand and products. Housing your brand and products on Instagram can eventually lead to a healthy revenue stream for your eCommerce business.

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