Increasing Conversions: 3 Ways Video Marketing Can Help

Social media marketing with the use of video promotes your brand, products, and services. They can do this with demos, testimonials, webinars, live stream events, post-purchase onboarding, and digital ads. Video advertising has the highest click-through rate among all digital ad formats. They are efficient in engaging potential high-quality leads to know more about your products and services as well as helping with increasing conversions.
Our vision is the most dominant sense that we have, so it is not surprising that video content is more effective in catching our attention in comparison to text-based content. 64% of people the visit a site and who view videos are more likely to make a purchase. Videos on your landing page are helpful in increasing conversions by 80%.
Also, 84% of consumers purchased a product or service after seeing a brand video, and 83% of marketers say video brings a better ROI. What does all this data tell us? It tells us that this is because there are five components that individuals pay attention to. These components are the face, body, movement, voices, and body language.
For this reason, it is no wonder that most businesses are sure of the effectiveness of video marketing. If you have a business and you aren’t using videos for marketing, you’re falling behind others who do.
As more and more people have access to the internet, video productions are becoming a vital component of marketing in business. This is because they attract more attention than blogs or photos.
Videos are versatile and profitable. If we consider the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” then videos are worth much more. This is because you can see movements and hear sounds, which connect and appeal to your senses. Business-wise, videos are inexpensive, easy to make, and very engaging.
Compared to how it was ten years ago, strategizing, filming, editing, and publishing videos are easier for everyone on the internet now.
Plus, there are tons of video presentations and ideas you can find on the web that could help stir your imagination as a marketer. With them, you can produce your own video for the promotion of your business, convincing enough to convert as many of your general audience into customers and keep the money coming.
Here are three ways video helps with increasing conversions:

Valuable Video Content Means Better Engagement for Increasing Conversions

Video marketing content is visual and auditory, so depending on how well you make them, they can be very appealing to most viewers. When users can remember your video content; you give them a higher chance to recall your brand. Another plus is when your customers enjoyed your videos; they typically share them with others. Them sharing the video will broaden your online reach. But how can you make your video content worth viewing and sharing?
When creating a product video, focus on the story and not the sales. Whether written or video marketing is being considered, it can be annoying to look at brands that only focus on stating facts and selling themselves. This focus will make them become disconnected to the audience, rather than showing the audience their product’s worth.
The best way to connect with your customers is to tell a story and implore their hidden desires. When you appeal through videos, you get to tell a narrative, build emotions, and elicit a response that encourages them to think about how it can benefit or please them. It is up to the flow of the story to appeal to the audience, which could make or break your video marketing.
Because people on the web can have short attention spans, you have to make your video concise, clear, and entertaining. Even for minute-long videos, viewers lose interest halfway through the video. Get right to your point on the first ten seconds of the video and make it as appealing as possible. Make your viewers thirst for more information from the first 10 seconds alone. Stimulate their minds.
Do not hesitate to step out of the comfort zone of the corporate world by using creative expression and a little humor. The physical aspect of your video content is also essential.
People pay attention not only to facial expressions, body language, and voices of actors, but they are also attracted to the theme, color play, and all aspects of the visual presentation of the product found in your video. Your audience wouldn’t want to drown in boring content videos, message-wise and visually.

Optimize Videos for Increasing Conversions and Search Engines

There is no guarantee for your video to have a 100% success with conversion rate optimization. But, do your best to optimize them for search engines because better ranking means more audiences leading to more conversions.
One way to raise your SEO value is by hosting your video on your own website and increase the chances of having inbound marketing links. You can do this by embedding your video’s content into popular social media posts like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.
Some brands partner with social media making their content automatically show up on posts linking to their website, every time a user opens his or her account. Hubspot shared the news that “Embedding videos in landing pages can help with increasing conversions by 80%”.
Embedded video content can be a useful as part of a post and is useful because it helps your post become more noticeable to users in their news feed. With embedded content, it is no longer necessary for the users to leave their newsfeed, read through a post, and analyze what the video is about. This is because the title of the video alone reveals its purpose.
Besides, it will appear as helpful information to the viewers, downplaying its negative commercial value though its impacts can actually lead to their decision to buy later.
Though videos are great for catching attention, having to look at someone explain something for five minutes can still be exhausting. You must see to it that your video is most convincing in the shortest possible time. Think of ways to express your details without going off-brand. 83% of businesses said that having an explanatory video on the site’s homepage which was effective with increasing conversions.
It is a valuable reminder that video optimization can be different depending on specific platforms and their usage. Subtitles or on-screen text in the viewer’s language in the videos are helpful if you’re marketing a complicated product or service.
You could also use animations to explain briefly what this concept is. Also, learn the strategy of creating good descriptions that target what your video offers or what the audiences are looking for. Descriptions with the proper keywords can help you be better and higher indexed than blogs.
For faster conversions, it is more effective to include a lead capture form in the first 20 seconds of your video for potential customers to receive more of your content through emails.

Increasing Conversions by Building Trust

Remember that product videos are direct answers to the customer’s questions because people are more often unsure whether a product is worth buying or not. Customers want to know whether the product is durable, whether the actual color looks different from the photos, and whether their sizes are different from the other brands.
You could, as a marketer, put these details in your descriptions of the products, but seeing the actual performance, quality, and appearance of your products in your video demos can give your audience the “feel” or validity that they want to experience. You in turn gain their trust and approval and you can use videos to showcase experiences they could miss out on by not using your products or highlighting how and what you’re offering is better than others.
Customer testimonials through videos are effective in connecting with customers because of the aspect of relatability and reliability. By showing customers someone who went through the same issues as them and your product helped them, you solidify your brand integrity and gain a sense of trust from your audience.
The video comments, reviews, and feedback also affect the decision-making process of leads. They have a powerful influence or ability to convince possible customers that purchasing your product can help them get what they need or answer if your company was able to deliver what you promised.
People trust webpages with videos more, even to those that do not watch the videos. Conversion rates increase between 27 and 46% for those using video on product pages. Also, some companies established authority and visibility by positively discussing their products and services edge over their competitors. Videos show that besides grabbing attention, they are useful in building a business’s trust and credibility.

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