5 Benefits of a Google My Business Listing

5 Benefits of a Google My Business Listing

Through the years, Google has evolved into a comprehensive search engine that provides as much information as possible. It has redefined searching with how it displays even the minutest details of a search result.

5 benefits of a Google My Business Listing

Google created Google My Business to showcase a business or services near them with schema or essential information such as an address, contact number, ratings, business hours, website, and location through Google Maps. It is an online director that highlights the things that a customer needs to know about your business. It’s concise yet comprehensive that even people who rarely use a computer can immediately get the information they need.

Having a Google My Business listing is exceptionally vital for any business to gain visibility and establish recognition by the locals of the area. It is best to utilize Google My Business as much as possible to stand out from your competitors. Since you are creating your listing, you have control over what appears and how it appears on the search results.

But how, exactly, would you benefit from a Google My Business listing? Here are 5 benefits of having a Google My Business profile:

1.Gain the trust of customers

Having your profile on top of the search results increases the credibility of your business. Ordinary citizens may think that companies that do not exert effort to put up their listing also do not make an effort to provide quality services to their customers.

At one glance, they can see what you have to offer, the quality of your services through reviews, and some quick FAQ to learn more about your business. You can also add photos to your profile so searchers can see how your services or products look. With physical stores, they can quickly locate where you are with Google Maps- even on their smartphones.

2. Google Maps visibility

Today, people prefer speed and convenience in everything. Of course, customers looking for a service center or a shop want to know which one is the closest to their location. Rather than just seeing the address as a text, it is better to look at the proximity of the business to their current position. With the ease brought by smartphones, anyone anywhere can locate local businesses on Google Maps.

For example, if someone is looking for a tools shop in their area, they could search “Tools shop near me,” then the listing appears along with Google Map tagged with red markers for each business that meets their search. The stores with Google My Business profiles have a significant advantage compared to those that don’t.

3. Increase website traffic

Compared to a partially completed Google My Business listing, an optimized profile gains seven times more visits. Aside from being an ordinary search result, your Google my Business listing is also a way searcher’s could easily access your website.

Increasing quality, organic traffic of a website has always been a challenge for small businesses. It is inevitable for lesser-known brands to have minimal to no visit a day. However, utilizing Google’s listing feature is sure to increase substantial website traffic without spending on ads. To make sure that your listing is attractive enough to improve your click-through rates, you need to generate as many reviews as possible. Your profile has to be packed with all the information your potential customer needs.

According to ThriveHive, businesses that have listings on Google gain customers highly likely to make a purchase. Furthermore, these listings make a higher chance of captivating more location visits from search. More traffic means higher possible conversion.

4. Appeal better to customers

As mentioned earlier, online reviews make a listing stand out from its competitors. Online reviews are a vital deciding factor for customers, whether they should proceed with a transaction or not. Presumably, people would go for those that received the most positive feedback.

Through Google My Business, your customers can post their feedback and rate your services in an instant. They can also include photos of your services or physical location as they desire. It helps you appeal better to the audience; with these reviews, you can also evaluate how you are doing in the industry. The feedbacks of the customers are crucial for you to improve your products and services consistently. Whether they are commenting about your products or your customer service- any feedback is valuable for your business to provide the highest quality.

How you respond to these reviews is also essential for the customers to gauge how well you cater to their needs. The more you know about what your customers want, the better solutions you can develop for your future projects.

5. Higher ranking on search result

An optimized Google My Business listing indeed will snatch a place on the top results on Google Search and even Maps. With a 70% higher chance of attracting visits, you should keep your business on top of it. If you want to maximize your gains from using the listing, follow some of these steps:

  • Complete your profile

You earn a more reputable image by exhibiting every detail about your business that your customer may find valuable. Never leave vital information blank, for it may serve as a keyword for some customers. Your profile should always contain the business name, contact number, address, description, photos, industry, and operation hours. Some industries require you to fill out other additional information.

  • Gather reviews

Collect as many reviews as you can and always be attentive to what your customers are saying. If you do not have reviews, send a message to your former clients on giving short feedback about their experience with your business. If you consistently provide quality products and services with excellent customer service, you have nothing to worry about!

Never neglect negative comments; rather, respond professionally by thanking them and telling them that you will note their feedback for your development.

  • Build a solid description on your profile

A quality description is exceptionally crucial for any business profile on the internet. Descriptions make the first impression on anyone reading your profile. Using a two-word description such as “Upholstery shop” can leave your customers dissatisfied at the dullness of it. Writing a two-paragraph description can also overwhelm your customers to the point that they decide not to read it anymore. Be concise yet comprehensive.

  • Utilize the question and answer section

It is possible to leave out some details that you do not think is important for your customers to know about. With the Q&A section of the listing, the customers have the freedom to ask you about things that might be their deciding factor. You may also put up the FAQ with the answers to keep it simple.

Since Google My Business listing is completely free, it would be a waste not to utilize it to its full potential. It’s powerful for generating traffic for your site, ranking higher, escalating visibility, and increasing conversion. It’s a simple SEO that even small businesses can make use of.

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