Positive Growth

$349 per month for 12 months with a 950.00 setup fee



Ready to take your website to the next level?  This is where you get our team of highly qualified marketers, designers, and brand experts to start helping you really grow online.  We take working with you to a new level, we provide you marketing assistance, coaching on how to get more conversions, and access to more videos to help you learn how to grow online.

This is a do it yourself solution with assistance from the Tier One Team.  You are responsible for post to social media, write blogs, and add products to your own site.  We are providing support, maintenance, training, and all services listed at this membership level.

What’s Included:

  • Redesign of your site with the most current professional plugins. You get to pick from 10 layouts and we will semi-customize them from there. Adding in your logos, colors, images, text and working with you to get a website that makes customers out of viewers.  This will include up to 5 pages, and 10 basic products.
  • Premium Hosting with a FREE SSL Certificate
  • Ticket and Email Support (we answer all of your questions and will tell you how to do what you are asking.  We will also install plugins for you so that if something breaks we know exactly what the cause is.  Plus if the plugin you are asking about is dangerous we will recommend another plugin.  Premium Plugins have a one time cost for setup and licensing.)
  • Daily Backups (every day early in the morning we will run a full backup of your site.  This way if anything does happen you know we got you covered.)
  • Realtime Virus & Malware Protection
  • Down Detection, in the unlikely event that your website does go down, we will get an alert so we know to start working on it quickly.
  • Site Speed Optimization will be done monthly to make sure your website is running smoothly all the time
  • Access to our Basic Video Library topics includes: How to Use WordPress, How to Use Rankmath for SEO, How to Use Elementor Builder, and more based on the requests we get.  This library will be growing monthly, but it will never cover topics that are being covered in the other packages to the same depth.
  • Access to our Premium Blogs and Written tips, tricks, and hacks.  We don’t want to give away the best content for free, that is saved for our members and this is where you will learn how to get your business up and running quickly online, learn about how to get more conversions, and more.
  • Exclusive Access to Monthly Member-Only Contests where you can win hundreds of dollars worth of consulting calls, FREE premium plugins with configuration, 1-hour Live one-on-one training, swag, and anything else we decide to throw up.
  • 2 Premium Extras
  • Access to the monthly Zoom calls where you get live training, get to ask questions and learn how to grow even faster.  This is a live call, but if you miss it you will have access to the Zoom archive to go back and watch it.
  • 4 Competitive analysis reports provided to you yearly (at your request) on two of your main competition
  • List of SEO keywords provided to you once a quarter (at your request) so you know what keywords you need to be focusing on to gain organic traffic
  • Downloadable Social Media Guides that will cover: best times to post, main points to hit each month, topics for ideas of what to post, and other useful information to help you grow through social media.
  • Access to our Medium tier video library where we start teaching you how to deal with WooCommerce, Build Sales Funnels, Handle Email Automations with Constant Contact (or email platform of choice), Conversion Optimization, and more based on the requests we get.  This library will be growing monthly.
  • Exclusive access to our Marketing Consulting email address where we answer all of your questions when it comes to social media, marketing, SEO, Funnel help, how to increase your sales, and almost any other marketing questions.  Plus with this, you will get access to the Marketing Section of the Membership site where you will find a library of resources at your fingertips.


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