Sales Funnel Planning


Before You Start, Let us Check The Numbers



Ever wonder if your new sales funnel will work?  Or how do you know what will happen with a product launch?  Well, we can help with that.  We will get all the information from you about what you are launching, what other products you have that could help someone buying the new item, email list numbers, social media numbers and some other stuff.  Then we will run the numbers for you in different ways to provide you the best plan for your funnel.  This method isn’t perfect but it is the closest thing to knowing the future that we have at this time.

To date we have only ever been off on ONE projection, and that was because we were provided bad data to build the plan on.  All the rest of the time we have been within 3-5% of the projected sales.

If you have questions about launching a new product as well, email us or submit a ticket and we will get back to you about what it takes to do a successful product launch.


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