Sales Funnel


Increase Profit, Sell More Products



Sales funnels are the most powerful tools offered to any eCommerce store, they increase profit, increase your conversions, and get you making the most out of your sales.  The best two ways to make more online is to either get more traffic to your site or increase how much more they purchase.  On average a sales funnel will be utilized 34% of the time.  Just think how much more money that can make you if you are upselling products 34% of the time.  At the end of the month that can increase your business significantly.

With this we will build you a fresh funnel for either your entire store, a category, or a specific product.  It will include the following:

1. Custom Thank You page with social sharing and additional upsells
2. A custom upsell/downsell 3 to 5 part sequence (based on your requests)
3. A custom checkout out page built to sell more products and get a post-purchase upsell also


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