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Tier One Web Designs Mission

To deliver the best possible websites and marketing for any size business by providing powerful WordPress sites as a Service.

Meet The Guys Behind This Idea

The Old Grumpy Chief

After serving 20 years in the United States Navy, he now keeps the team running smoothly with his impeccable attention to detail, ability to plan and execute missions smoothly and has the power of the chief voice to keep the underlings working at peak performance. 

Bringing years of marketing and branding experience to the table also helps give Tier One Web Design a leg up when helping our clients grow quickly online.  By finalizing all the marketing plans before they go out, you know that you are getting a marketing plan that will get you more sales.

The Not So Typical Geek

For 20 years he has been building websites, helping companies grow rapidly and see websites differently.  Relying on the Chief to keep the vision he spends his days coding away to bring new ideas to the world.  He has helped multiple businesses grow over 400% in a years time.  

With experience and certifications in Conversion Optimization, Customer Journey Planning, Analytics & Data Analysis, Email Automation & Marketing, and Sales Funnels he is a wealth of knowledge when you need it most.  

The Social Media & SEO Chick

After spending years writing copy in a number of niches, she now works exclusively for Tier One, helping clients get ahead on Google.  The copy that she bangs out not only attracts new customers but is meticulously designed to help increase conversions and get you the sales that you deserve.

When not writing copy or keeping the Geek in check she is devising new ways to help our clients grow on social media organically no matter what the niche is.  She helps clients build social media plans that will no only help get sales, but also work on making them an expert in their field.

The Techs

These guys are the life blood of Tier One when it comes to keeping the customers happy, providing support and making sure every website is running smoothly.  They spend their days answering tickets, supporting our clients on live chat, and passing along recommendations to make the service better.  

When they are not answering questions they get some time to hone their skills building new websites, testing ideas on how to make Tier One better, and even have time for a few cups of coffee.

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